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CREDIT FrontRow educationFront Row Education, Inc., providers of adaptive, gamified and data driven education programs, recently released a survey looking at the use of technology in the classroom for the current school year. Questions addressed by the thousand K-8 grade teachers surveyed include how many plan to increase their use of technology, how often they are using technology with their students, and what they look for in education programs. There are some compelling stats on what is driving technology, and what results they have seen to-date.

Some of the key data points the Technology in the Classroom survey generated:

o          80% of teachers are increasing their use of technology this year

o         75% of teachers surveyed noted an increase in administrative support for technology in the classroom

o         Top cited ways technology has changed the way teachers teach:

o   Helped determine the skill level of their students more efficiently

o   Helped determine a student’s skill level more deeply

o   Has freed up time to focus on giving students individual attention

o   Provides opportunity to try more creative and unique lesson ideas

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