Cool Tools | GameDesk’s GeoMoto and Pangean

CREDIT GameDeskAn innovative learning games organization just released a couple of new and novel interactive gaming titles for education, GeoMoto and Pangean. Their embodied learning experiences allow players to create and manipulate geographic features with movement. For the IOS, Android, and Leap Controller/PC platforms, GeoMoto and Pangean allow players to learn through direction and movement by creating geographic features by pulling, smashing and grinding tectonic plates and moving entire continents. The games emerged out of research and development and performance testing supported by The National Science Foundation, the National Academy of Science, the Betty Moore Foundation, as well as the Science and Entertainment Exchange. Working in collaboration with content experts from Bill Nye the Science Guy, LucasArts, Cal Tech’s Tectonics Observatory and Boston University, GameDesk merged its assessment-driven and game-based learning design practices to foster deep conceptual learning of various geosciences subjects. GeoMoto, which is now currently available in the Apple App and Android Store for $4.99, invites players to navigate a planet devoid of geographic features. Students are challenged to complete objectives by inducing the movement of tectonic plates, forming mountains, valleys, and volcanoes in the process. The interactive, animation-based learning experience allows students to physically move tectonic plates and observe as a landscape forms on the planet’s surface. Pangean is a didactic puzzle game that introduces the geological concept of continental drift. As galactic members of the United Colonies, players travel the universe in their own scouting ship, using a hologram interface to piece together continents and demonstrate the shift that occurs over 100 million years. Initial levels challenge players to simply move and rotate landmasses, but as the difficulty increases, players are armed with advanced tools that help them complete their final mission of returning present-day Earth to its Pangean state. By leveraging the touch screen of a tablet, GeoMoto and Pangean link students’ tactical actions to Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards, resulting in profound understanding and retention of complex material. “During our strategy and development phases of creating any game, we ask ourselves, ‘Will this change the way students learn?’ We feel that GeoMoto and Pangean further our commitment to providing new, interactive learning opportunities, ensuring students are making the right connections,” says GameDesk’s CEO and Founder Lucien Vattel. GameDesk is a 501(c)3 Research and Technology Development Institute whose mission is to develop the next generation model of education, revolutionizing the tools we use and the way we teach. Learn more:


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