Cool Tool | EssayTagger

Here’s a web-based tool that helps teachers grade essays more efficiently by eliminating the maddening, repetitive manual labor that grading normally entails. But it is not an auto-grader. The teacher still makes every decision, every judgment, while providing more detailed student feedback than is normally practical. Then, all of your evaluations are stored in the database, allowing the tool (EssayTagger) to analyze your grading results and present detailed data reports. How did eighth period do on transitions? How did Johnny do on his thesis? This tool reports your classes’ overall performance, individual student performance, student performance relative to peers, and even tracks progression through the Common Core State Standards. The people behind this tool say that “no other tool can quantify your essay evaluations the way we can.” Teachers create their own custom rubrics, then their Common Core Rubric Creation Tool makes it super-easy to align rubrics to CCSS. Rubrics can be shared with teacher teams or the entire Web and imported and modified by each teacher as needed. A high school English teacher, EssayTagger’s founder Keith Mukai says, “I felt the awful pain of grading essays so I brought my nine-year dot-com programming career experience to attack this problem. It’s 21st-century innovation by a teacher, for teachers.” Pretty clever, and quite useful. See it for yourself.

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