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CREDIT Learnosity imageThis company’s clients are educational companies. Their products typically form part of a larger assessment offering. The company provides tools and services which enable clients to quickly and easily incorporate interactive question types (as well as authoring and analytical reporting capabilities) into existing digital products. Or, they can be used as building blocks for a new product. Several of their clients’ products (which include Learnosity-powered elements) have been featured in the EdTech Digest Awards as finalist or winners. Learnosity elements are seamlessly incorporated into third-party products; no end user ever knows they are actually using Learnosity elements. They help educational companies build better products with less time and resources. Some of their features include these characteristics:

– Modular and flexible – use any or all of their tools

– Enhance, not replace

– Increased speed to market

– Advanced assessment capabilities: 55+ question types, adaptive assessment, more

– Simple and slick authoring

– Low total cost of ownership

– Transparent: all docs & demos publicly available online

– Cloud-based: dynamically scaling, anytime-anywhere access, and

– Constant innovation: new features added at no extra cost to clients.

They’re providing a robust framework behind some of the world’s top assessment solutions in education. If you’re an edtech company executive reading EdTech Digest, you may want to check into this fast-growing company a bit further. Here’s a closer look.


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