Cool Tool | School Messenger’s Custom Mobile Apps

CREDIT School Messenger AppDistricts are claiming their place in the app stores with a custom, branded mobile app that delivers personalized, timely information to parents and the community. With the launch of its Custom Mobile Apps service in 2013, SchoolMessenger became a pioneer in this space and since that time has published more than 250 individual district apps. Branded district apps allow parents to follow just the schools they are interested in. News, sports, schedules and more are just a tap or swipe away. Push notification – integrated with the SchoolMessenger notification service – delivers timely alerts directly to the district’s app installed on any iOS or Android smartphone or tablet. Even secure student information such as grades, attendance and other data can be surfaced through the included portal. And SchoolMessenger apps are unique. There are no “cookie cutter” templates used, so each district is able to communicate its unique brand identity, layout, and overall app look. Learn more.

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