Cool Tool | Digital Citizenship App

With increased availability and use of digital devices in education, it is crucial that students remain safe and make good choices while online. Thanks to, there’s an app for that. The Digital Citizenship App, available for i0S and Android devices, covers three important topics of digital citizenship: online safety, cyberbullying and the ethical use of digital resources. The app’s content and user interface is specifically designed for middle and early high school students. The app also provides administrators with the reports needed to meet the online safety and cyberbullying instruction requirements for E-Rate funding. Students are guided through each lesson and then quizzed to check their understanding. Administrators can login to’s web-based platform to see which students completed the lessons and successfully passed the quiz. The app is self-paced, but the lessons and quiz generally takes about an hour to complete. Starting students on the path towards being good digital citizens before they enter college or the workforce is vital. This app leverages’s digital learning expertise to ensure students have relevant instruction on online safety, cyberbullying, and the ethical use of digital resources before they leave high school.

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