Cool Tool | ISTE’s Lead & Transform

CREDIT ISTE Lead and TransformAs districts begin the transition to becoming technology-rich and standards ready, ISTE’s Lead & Transform is a robust resource for moving through decision making, planning and implementation. Lead & Transform is a web-based resource for learning about the 14 critical elements of an effective and sustainable technology plan, gaining access to planning resources and getting personalized information to inform decision making. It consists of two components: the Resource Portal and the Diagnostic Tool. The Resource Portal provides detailed information about the 14 Essential Conditions and what is needed to ensure each condition is considered throughout the process. The Resource Portal provides a library of resources such as templates, reports, learning opportunities, services and networks to address each condition throughout the transition. The Lead & Transform Diagnostic Tool is an online inventory assessment that provides critical data and reporting on a district’s current positioning for each Essential Condition. Data from the tool aides in decision making and strategic planning by helping districts see where work is required to ensure a comprehensive and sustainable transition. Detailed reporting based on the data from the Diagnostic Tool provides additional insight into specific needs, prioritized areas for growth, and strategies for leveraging strengths. Check it out.

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