Cool Tool | KDS Professional Learning Platform

CREDIT KDS PLPThe Professional Learning Platform (PLP) is a cloud-based, enterprise-level, professional development solution for teachers and school districts. This new, innovative online tool provides curated content, social collaboration tools, and personalized professional learning. It has been developed to meet the needs of large school districts that want to build and implement integrated, technology-based professional learning solutions. PLP is designed and developed to enable collaboration among peers, coaches, experts, and groups for an active, collegial learning experience based on needs. PLP integrates with Microsoft Lync, ties into a district’s existing system, and includes synchronous collaboration tools including virtual communities, personalized learning experiences and discussion forums. Educators gain access to 600+ curated, targeted videos and district-approved partner content, 225+ compliance courses, web resources, expert and educator-generated content, and course development tools. PLP enables personalized professional learning by adapting to a user’s goals, interests, and experience—and by aligning individual goals with district goals. It supports the acquisition and the application of knowledge for adult learners: both the “formal” learning (through comprehensive online courses and resources) and “informal” learning (self-directed, collaborative, and continuous development) that are needed to transform classroom practice, and ultimately impact student learning. Learn more.

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