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CREDIT ST Math HS InterventionReleased in April, 2014, ST Math: High School Intervention is stronger than ever and includes curriculum designed to prepare high school students for success in Algebra 1 by providing them with customized content to meet their individual learning needs. It is designed as an intervention for high school students performing below the math proficiency needed for Algebra 1. The intervention identifies students’ math readiness through a built-in diagnostic, prescribing a learning path for each student that connects interactive visual models to abstract concepts and language components for each math topic. Individualized student reports provide teachers with diagnostic results and real-time content mastery. ST Math is a leader in visual learning in mathematics delivered through instructional software. The “ST” is for Spatial-Temporal Math; this product engages students in developing a deep conceptual understanding of mathematics by manipulating visual models to solve problems in a self-paced, mastery-based environment. The ST Math program family ensures that all students have access to rich content that drives critical thinking. ST Math includes embedded assessments, detailed reporting of student learning patterns, and interactive whiteboard functionality. It’s aligned to Common Core and state standards, integrates with core instruction, and is accessible on desktop or laptop computers and on supported tablets. Learn more.

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  1. I would like to use a trial period for my high school daughter. I am currently an elementary school teacher using ST Math with my fourth graders. I am very excited about this program for my students who are flourishing with Ji Ji math. Please let me know how I can see if ST math can help my high school student who doesn’t like math.

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