Cool Tool | Sociability

CREDIT ParentLink SociabilitySocial media presents educational leaders with valuable opportunities, as well as unique challenges. That’s why ParentLink created among the first social media management systems specifically for K-12: “Sociability” connects to each school’s social media accounts and gives school leaders the ability to update, monitor and measure usage. Districts can then safely grow their social media presence, and confidently interact with their community. More generally, ParentLink provides a communication system that helps school districts engage families and the community through the communication platforms they use most. For 25 years, educational leaders have used ParentLink to earn support from the community, engage families in the learning process, and improve student achievement. Now, this K-12 social media manager can continue to provide up-to-date communication for the parents, educators and administrators of a new generation of post-Millennial kids. Check it out.

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