Cool Tool | SpringBoard Digital

CREDIT SpringBoard DigitalHere’s a College and Career Readiness English Language Arts and Mathematics curriculum that is comprehensive, highly interactive, and accessible on any device: desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone, and interactive whiteboard- 24/7. SpringBoard Digital is student centered, making instruction come alive through innovative technology. Teachers use the Digital Toolbox to plan and personalize lessons, pinpoint Common Core standards, track student progress and communicate with students. Teachers are empowered to differentiate and manage instruction easily with editable lesson plans, pacing calendars, and curriculum maps. Students have customizable features, too. In addition to resources like definitions and glossary of terms, students can mark up their electronic books, add sticky notes, post questions, reactions or comments. They can annotate, highlight, add markers, “draw”, and upload photos and videos. Students are provided with a variety of learning strategies that support collaboration and best practices. In mathematics, they have access to digital tools, virtual manipulatives, and visual models. Students and teachers connect through a student’s personal notebook where teachers can respond, motivate and suggest helpful resources in a private, personal way. All this interactivity helps teachers encourage their students to dig deeper and learn more with the high-rigor SpringBoard curriculum. Worth a good look.

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