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CREDIT Twig Science VideosNow this is science done right. As an educator, you can truly bring science to life with more than 600 real-world, engaging science videos. These three-minute videos combine rigorous research with concise scripts and utterly stunning visuals. The result is an inspiring introduction or complement to classroom teaching. These videos have so much potential to amp up student interest with colorful footage, inventive illustrations, and intriguing, easy-to-follow story lines. Yes, the videos enhance interest — but more importantly,  understanding. These content-rich videos are organized by topic, so they’re easy to access. Each one is designed to align with science content you’re presenting, making it easy to work into your lesson plan. Each one offers supporting learning materials and quizzes that further develop and assess student comprehension. Choose from hundreds of videos across key science subject areas including Biology, Chemistry
, Earth Science
, and Physics. Learn more.

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