Cool Tool | EduSystem

Here’s a learning management system that provides teachers access to K-12 digital courses for Math, Science, Social Studies (available in Spanish and English) as well as Language Arts courses for Spanish and English. Teachers and students can access content for offline use. Lessons can be downloaded onto each users device. Teachers can easily modify existing lessons or create new ones by incorporating their own (or district-provided) digital resources. Students can download digital lesson and access online assessments on multiple devices as the EduSystem student viewer app is available for both PC and Mac, as well as on tablets (iPad, Android and Windows RT tablets). Their learning management system allows teachers to access content from all grade levels, thus facilitating differentiation and individualized instruction. School administrators are able to view teacher calendars, message enrolled students, and can also manage course enrollment as well as teacher and student user accounts. 
Visit: For their Spanish version, visit:

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