Cool Tool | NumberShire

CREDIT NumberShireHere’s an immersive learning game for web and mobile platforms that teaches critical math concepts to K-2 students, especially those at risk for mathematics difficulties. With a fun, narrative approach, NumberShire engages students. Performance monitoring tools provide data aligned to the Common Core State Standards to support educational decision-making. Built using academic best practices and cutting-edge technology, it emphasizes deep learning with over 12 hours of content. It’s an innovative collaboration between Thought Cycle and the University of Oregon’s Center on Teaching and Learning. In an eight-week pilot study in 26 first grade classrooms, this tool significantly improved students’ mathematics learning. Using rigorous research methods supported by the U.S. Department of Education’s What Works Clearinghouse, the pilot study found that students who played it performed better than control students on assessments of critical skills addressed in the Common Core State Standards. Hundreds of kids are playing it and loving it; teachers using it find it to be effective. Says Christie Hoogendoorn, a first-grade teacher Oregon teacher, “After using NumberShire, over 90 percent of my students nailed the district math assessment!” Her class average went up over 20 percent from the fall to the spring. Play it.

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