Cool Tool | Newseum Digital Classroom

CREDIT NewseumThe Newseum Digital Classroom serves to extend and enrich the museum experience. Free for students and teachers, it provides access to those who can’t visit the physical space. For those who can visit the Newseum, the Digital Classroom allows classes to prepare for their visit and continue learning about the exhibits and ideas afterward. In both cases, Digital Classroom resources also support teachers’ curricular requirements and existing lesson plans. This cross-disciplinary resource features interactive timelines, archival videos and downloadable historic front pages. Their unique lenses of historical connections, media literacy and civics frame comprehensive yet flexible lesson plans aligned to national standards, including Common Core Anchor Standards, Common Core Writing for History Standards, NCSS Curriculum Standards for Social Studies, National Standards for History, and more. Designed for middle, high school and college teachers and students, these lesson plans help students become historians through posing compelling questions, forming hypotheses, evaluating evidence and making projects based on their findings – which they can submit to the Digital Classroom for inclusion in one of the site’s inter actives. More than 12,000 users have registered from all 50 states, the District of Columbia and 66 international countries and territories. Learn more.

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