Cool Tool | SharpSchool Mobile Suite

Here’s one of the only K-12 mobile solutions that combines mobile websites, classroom tools, a cloud platform — and a grade book. Designed to improve teacher-student and teacher-parent communication, SharpSchool’s Mobile Suite user-based mobile interface acts as a personalized dashboard where students, teachers and parents can view, download and share relevant information on the go. With their mobile system:

  • Schools can share school information, including maps and staff directories, and push notifications about important announcement, news and updates.
  • Teachers can add homework and reminders; take attendance; communicate with students; provide parents with test and assignment updates, and send alerts and notifications, included automated attendance and grade alerts.
  • Parents can not only follow school information and learn about events, new programs, fundraising initiatives and sport games, but also communicate with teachers, and stay up-to-date with their children’s performance, upcoming tests and assignments.
  • Students can download homework, assignments and important forms; communicate with their teachers and peers; track their performance (grades, attendances, test dates etc.); as well as, receive relevant alerts, notifications, reminders and announcements.

Built specifically to deliver a mobile user experience that gets the school’s information to those who need the most, their district-level mobile app allows all stakeholders to improve the students’ learning experience.

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