Cool Tool | Difference Engine

CREDIT Difference EngineIn 2014, Learning Objects, Inc. launched its Difference Engine platform to solve Bloom’s 2-sigma problem by enabling a powerful blend of computer and human tutoring. The platform is fundamentally learning-goal-centric. At any given point in time, the system is aware of each learner’s progress to their goal(s) and provides the next best activity for them and/or guides instructors to do so based on powerful analytics and intuitive dashboards. The system is also built around core IMS standards (including LTI, LTI Outcomes, and QTI) and is proactively working toward supporting Caliper so adopters can readily integrate it with their existing tools and infrastructure. Further, Lumen Learning, powered on their platform, just won a Gates Next Gen Course Grant and the Grand Prize at Educause Startup Alley. Learn more.

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