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CREDIT LumiBook Rick Smith bookLumiBook is an interactive cloud book platform that illuminates learning with a wide variety of resources including text, video, audio files, resource links, file sharing, social media interaction, and more—all made possible by cloud technology. It also allows the author to collaborate with readers in the text, and change or add to the book. For over ten years, Rick Smith’s Conscious Classroom Management: Unlocking the Secrets of Great Teaching, 2nd Edition by Rick Smith has been the “go-to” book for creating more positive environments where referrals and suspensions are down and student engagement and teacher satisfaction are up. In this new edition, educators can access all of Rick Smith’s classroom management strategies along with video, rubrics, visuals, and digital tools that allow readers to interact directly with Rick Smith and Grace Dearborn. This LumiBook also includes three new chapters not included in the print book, and the promise of more updates directly by the author as discussions and collaborations unfold. Focused primarily on prevention, the Conscious Classroom Management LumiBook offers practical, easy-to-implement, proactive strategies that teachers can use to build positive connections with students, teach procedures, cultivate consistency, and hold their ground while inviting student cooperation. Read more.


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