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CREDIT CampusQuadHere’s a cool mobile app for sharing campus information among students and administrators. CampusQuad unifies a university’s communication channel – one that is currently fragmented across a multiple channels including email, listservs, university website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and countless anonymous chat apps. For students, it provides a consistent, reliable (and fun!) 24/7 campus-exclusive info stream that connects them to peers, clubs, organizations, events, programs and services. For universities, it is the first time program administrators have access to real-time analytics about the utilization and effectiveness of resources based on student interest, participation and opinion. Its content – information about campus events, club activities, deadlines, news and everyday campus life – is visual and location-based, encouraging discovery, exploration and participation in activities that drive engagement and success. It amplifies a university’s offerings and culture making every student feel like they are part of their college experience. Check it out.

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