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CREDIT CoSN Digital Equity - toolkitWhile two decades of improved Internet access for schools has largely closed what remains of the ‘digital divide’ in schools – more recent mobile technologies have now opened wide a new ‘homework gap’ into which lower-income students too often fall. Education doesn’t just happen in school. When it lets out, students with reliable, robust connections and appropriate devices seamlessly stay connected to classwork, assignments, teachers and online learning resources for work they accomplish at home. Parents, too, stay connected and are informed of their child’s academic performance. For those students and their families without access, what do school leaders do? Here’s a toolkit for school districts that describes the homework gap, addresses broader implications of household connectivity, and details four first steps school districts can take right now, as well as six approaches that are enabling some school districts to strengthen their leadership and spark innovation in pursuing digital equity in their communities. This toolkit provides thoughtful strategies, inspiring case studies, and workable survey templates to implement such digital equity in any locale. Check it out.

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