Cool Tool | CASE on BrightBytes Clarity

CREDIT BrightBytesThere are few products improving the way the world learns like the CASE module, on BrightBytes Clarity platform. It translates complex research and analysis into fast actions that improves the impact of technology on student learning. And it makes data cool. Since its availability in 2012, the number of students using Clarity has doubled consistently every three months. Thousands of schools across 37 states are using research and analysis to quickly and easily identify, measure, and drive the impact of school technology use. CASE has created a common language around education technology and what it means to be a true 21st century learning environment. Their easy-to-deploy, visually engaging solution appeals to students, teachers, and parents while delivering actionable data to educational leaders. It offers the scalability and efficiency that districts, regions and states demand. In minutes, regions receive a customized, web-based dashboard highlighting strengths and weaknesses, plus a personalized set of recommended improvements. Learn more.

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