Cool Tool | LoiLoNote School

LoiLoNote School (LNS), developed from LoiLoNote based on teachers’ feedback, is a cloud-based, multi-platform, collaboration, sharing and production app for schools that’s all about creativity. LNS is a learning support tool that lets teachers run a class all from within one app. Students don’t have to switch between apps to create a presentation or video, use the Internet, view maps, take photos or videos, share data, collaborate, or submit assignments. Its interface makes it suitable even for kindergarten kids. Teachers and students can create multimedia presentations and videos, work with multimedia contents – photos, videos, text, web browser, maps, PDFs – and draw and share created contents in real time. You can annotate, record audio, add BGM and transitions, and save work as a slideshow or video or submit it to the teacher. Teachers can easily import and share files containing instructions, templates or tests with students and collect, compare and evaluate students’ work. They also have tools for: locking screens, blocking communication between students, monitoring student activity, screen sharing and having students present. Check it out.

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