Cool Tool | myON Personalized Literacy Platform

CREDIT myONA champion in personalized literacy, myON was among the first companies to offer unlimited access to authentic digital content and reading growth assessments, tools and data. More than 70 percent of the myON library is comprised of informational text and every title includes literacy tools such as highlighting and note-taking, allowing educators to easily track students’ close reading activities. Using numerous ongoing fun reading campaigns and challenges, this tool has increased millions of students’ enjoyment of reading and their overall literacy levels. They are able to offer their books in multiple languages and provides translation, improving the literacy of ELL students and their families. After an initial Lexile placement exam and interest inventory, myON generates a recommended book list from which students can choose books at their level that interest them. It may be the only literacy program available today that creates individual dashboards for students based on their specific interests and reading abilities and provides them a trajectory report that tracks long-term reading growth, making it among the only personalized literacy platforms – and a true trendsetter. Learn more.

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