Cool Tool | Casper Suite from JAMF Software

CREDIT JAMF Software iPadFarmington Area Public Schools embarked on a 1:1 iPad deployment as a part of a customized learning initiative supporting anytime, anywhere learning anytime. They were faced with the challenge of deploying the right apps to more than 7,300 iPads while adhering to district guidelines and parental restrictions. They needed a reliable and simple solution for managing iPads at multiple levels of users. JAMF Software’s Casper Suite was chosen due to its rich functionality, flexibility, ease of use, and its complete and timely support for all new Apple releases. Students were able to manage their iPads with personal Apple IDs, while parents and staff maintained overall control. Additionally, the Self Service feature allowed students and staff to get apps they needed to be productive, without IT assistance. Casper Suite has been a key tool for Farmington to deliver on its mission of customized learning, while teaching students lessons in digital citizenship. With Casper Suite, teachers can better manage learning environments while ensuring that students enjoy the rich and intuitive end-user experience of Apple. Check it out.

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