Cool Tool | Lightbox

CREDIT Follett LightboxDesigned for pre-K—12 teachers looking to improve student engagement, comprehension, vocabulary and literacy development, Follett’s Lightbox is a fully interactive, multimedia educational space that encourages students to see learning in a new light. Students receive a multimedia learning experience incorporating audio, video, and interactive activities across a variety of professionally developed curriculum. Lightbox incorporates videos, Google Maps, worksheets, audio, slideshows, quizzes, and other interactive features that appeal to digital natives, and stimulates their immersion in a topic for deeper mastery of a subject. Lightbox is available on any device, easy to use, affordable, aligned to state standards and can supplement any science, social studies or reading strategy/literacy program. National surveys show students spend an average of 8 minutes with a traditional ebook; pilot schools see students spending an average of 45 minutes in a Lightbox topic. According to the principal at one pilot school, Cotton Creek School in Illinois, “The whole cycle of learning, testing and instructing is all together, in one place. I’m most excited for our ELL learners – they’re making connections that a teacher or a textbook couldn’t make.” Worth a closer look.

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