Cool Tool | Far-Plane: Beyond Boundaries

This is a first-person role playing adventure game, and a collaboration between Triad Interactive Media (Triad) and the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL). The two firms partnered to transform CCL’s premiere leadership program, Beyond Boundaries, from a face-to-face training program into an interactive, online game designed for scalability, engagement, and efficacy. Set on a resource-starved planet torn by warring factions, Far-Plane teaches essential leadership skills through exciting challenges and quests. Players assume the role of a hero on a dying futurist planet who must build alliances with nearby kingdoms to solve a variety of political, technical, and environmental problems. Through game interactions, players must analyze other characters’ motivations, clarify different perspectives, foster intergroup respect, and unite diverse peoples to solve problems and save their world. The game empowers players to evaluate problems, generate options, weigh consequences, and make decisions using critical thinking and relationship-building skills. This collaboration between CCL—a top-ten ranked leadership firm—and Triad Interactive Media—an award-winning company—is a ground-breaking event in the leadership training industry. The product is possibly the first and only console-quality game-based training program for teaching leadership skills. See it for yourself.

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