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CREDIT LeadiD Liberty UHere’s a customer acquisition intelligence platform that provides schools and other organizations with the ability to make smarter decisions and take real time action based on verified data. It is possibly the only independent, neutral, open technology platform that allows admissions departments to know the certified origin, history and intelligence of purchased leads as well as leads generated on the school’s own website. This creates a standard data currency for the education lead generation ecosystem to communicate and optimize. More than 95 percent of the leads generated in the for-profit education space contain LeadiDs on them. LeadiD’s AppMarketplace — which allows companies to build solutions on top of the LeadiD platform — offers plug-and-play solutions for TCPA compliance, fraud detection, data validation, scoring, and more. LeadiD’s impact is evident with school clients like Liberty University, one of the nation’s largest private nonprofit universities. They rely on this tool to identify waste in marketing spend so that they can reinvest in efforts to produce the quality of enrollments they need. Today, nearly all of Liberty’s publishing partners use this tool to ensure that the leads they are selling meet school standards. “We always ask vendors on our RFP if they are willing to work with LeadiD or if they are already working with LeadiD,” says Liberty’s Claire Diamond. “At least 90 percent of the companies we vet are already on board.” Learn more.

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