Cool Tool | AdTran ProCloud Wi-Fi

ADTRAN’s ProCloud Wi-Fi offers a “no-worry” fully-managed, business-class Wi-Fi service built on ADTRAN’s Bluesocket virtual WLAN (vWLAN) — one of the industry’s earliest cloud-based virtual wireless LAN solutions. It empowers customers with a cloud wireless solution allowing the freedom to migrate between on-premises, to private cloud to public cloud (ProCloud Wi-Fi), or the reverse, resulting in a flexible offering designed to address specific needs. As the FCC looks to make sweeping changes to the E-Rate program, effectively expanding the opportunity for K-12 school districts to implement abundant Wi-Fi access, many schools are still struggling with managing and providing sufficient Wi-Fi. With students and teachers bringing in more devices than before, the ability to access Wi-Fi for learning opportunities is greater than ever. Learn more.

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