Cool Tool | IEPPLUS

CREDIT SUNGARD K-12 EducationSunGard K-12 Education’s IEPPLUS allows district staff to efficiently manage the entire special education process; from referral, evaluation, and IEP development to maintaining historical information and ensuring compliance with IDEA regulations. Part of the PLUS 360 suite, IEPPLUS features web-based forms that increase the speed and ease of creating IEPs. The software alleviates administrative burdens and helps improve the accuracy of reporting with automated compliance validation and automated notifications to alert district staff of critical information or actions needed. It’s intuitive and includes comprehensive documentation, embedded e-learning, and context-sensitive Help. In addition, throughout the year, SunGard K-12 Education offers training, including a broad selection of just-in-time, complimentary sessions. Their customers have had considerable success launching and supporting initiatives with IEPPLUS. Learn more.

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