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CREDIT EduShare ITWORX EducationHere’s a learning content repository for schools, districts, higher education institutions, and other organizations. EduShare houses teaching and learning resources such as lesson plans, lesson content, research, multimedia, and other content. It is designed to ease the search and retrieve function for students and teachers. They can browse learning content categorized as Featured, Accredited, and Popular Resources. They can filter content using several criteria such as Type, Keywords, and Curriculum Standards. It helps authenticate published learning content. Students and teachers can publish, rate, review or comment on content and save important learning resources to their Favorite section. Approval workflows manage user-authored content before publishing. It supports differentiated learning by indicating students’ preferred content and learning styles through the Rating feature. It encourages peer learning as teachers gain insight into other ideas and presenting methods. It can be deployed on Office 365 as a cloud-hosted version, keeping costs low for organizations, or hosted on-premises. Currently it is used in the UAE’s ‘Smart Learning’ program to transform education. This Dubai initiative promotes critical thinking and the value of collaboration. In the first term of the 2013 academic year, EduShare was used by 123 schools and 970 teachers who uploaded 3,268 files. Have a closer look.

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