Trends | You Used to Call Me on My Cell Phone

CREDIT Common Sense MediaWatch a movie from the 1980s or earlier and you’ll notice something interesting: no cell phones. In just the past ten years, there’s been a massive shift in the way media and technology intersect with how we work and live. Increasingly mobile devices with better functionality have made these handheld technologies seemingly indispensable. Look around at a traffic light and you’ll see people with their heads down into their phone. Go to a pedestrian area, a public park or mall, anywhere there are lots of people, and chances are, same thing: whatever the reason, people are head-down into a device. At home, at school, anywhere and everywhere – what are the human costs of an “always connected” lifestyle, especially for our children? Common Sense Media asked this question and produced a brief that examines the latest scientific research about problematic media use, articulating its pervasiveness, forms, and possible impacts on youth’s well-being and development, yielding some surprising findings and raising many more questions. Common Sense polled over 1,200 parents and teens to discover how the saturation of mobile devices in family life plays out in homes and child-parent relationships. Learn more in their infographic, “Dealing with Devices: The Parent-Teen Dynamic.

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