Trends | Making Education Data Work for Students

CREDIT DQC Campaign.pngParents, teachers, community leaders, policymakers and students themselves need tailored information to ensure all students’ individual needs are met. While infrastructure investments and smart policies have given every state the technical ability to produce richer and more useful pictures of student learning, a new report from the Data Quality Campaign (DQC) says states must now focus on the needs of people who will use that data to truly make an impact on student achievement. States have an opportunity to create a culture of effective data use that puts students at the center. Whether it’s promoting ways for state leaders to track whether or not students are hitting critical milestones, helping teachers tailor instruction and understand students’ needs, creating better school report cards, or ensuring data privacy – states can do this with policies that evolve as technology evolves. They can provide teachers and parents the real-time information they need. The DQC report includes four recommendations for policymakers, including taking advantage of opportunities presented by the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), to ensure that data serves their citizens and supports student learning. The report also offers state examples and resources to help states make data work for students. Learn more.

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