Cool Tool | FrontRow Juno Connect

CREDIT FrontRow Juno ConnectJuno Connect gives a teacher complete control over their classroom with one simple tool – their voice. It provides great digital stereo sound, voice-activated control of projectors and other devices, plus totally hands-free lesson capture and intercom activation. Wearing a comfortable microphone, teachers can guide both small-group and whole-classroom discussions. It clarifies and amplifies one’s voice so that every student has a “front row” seat. Just say ‘begin’ to make videos of the computer screen, teacher and student voice, and media audio — automatically titled based on your schedule and automatically posted in a universal MP4 format. Instead of reacting to your technology, it now responds to you. Without a break in instruction, teachers can control projectors, displays, and other devices just with their voice. And teachers can talk to the front office just by saying “intercom.” Pages come through the system, too — much more clearly than through a conventional PA system. Schools can reap huge efficiencies in audio, lesson capture, room control, paging, and intercom. Learn more.

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