Cool Tool | YSoft be3D eDee

CREDIT Y Soft eDeeWhile schools sometimes struggle to keep up, students tend to be far more flexible in adapting to the latest technologies. Savvy administrators who recognize the 3D printers’ potential to change how students learn have begun to adopt fleets of them for their curriculum. Recently, Y Soft released be3D eDee, its flagship, fully-enclosed 3D printer, equipped with YSoft SafeQ software. These printers come complete with a 7-inch touch-screen display and locking doors. eDee printers are a first-of-their-kind solution to include managed printing, accounting and workflow across both 2D and 3D printers. In an academic setting, using 3D printers comes with challenges, which include lengthy print times, costly materials and the security of products during the print cycle. Moreover, students’ projects cannot be queued or transferred to other printers if all print stations are in use. By using a network of eDee printers, these problems are solved for administrators, who now have the flexibility to monitor the costs of materials, enable pay-for-service systems and, with locking doors on each printer, ensure project security. This print management solution designed for both 2D and 3D printers is not only unique—it is truly a cool tool. Learn more.

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