Trends | Risk Takers, Challenges, and Digital Learning

CREDIT Education Week reportEducation Week today releases a new special report exploring the use of technology in American classrooms. A survey reports that 24 percent of educators indicated that they are “risk takers” who are willing to try new technologies even if they may not succeed. Technology Counts reveals that more than 50 percent of teachers feel comfortable using new technologies but that most teachers are using technology for test taking and drills rather than more interactive or collaborative approaches. In addition, the report shows that, when deciding which products to test, teachers have far greater trust in the opinions and experiences of other teachers than in the statements of administrators or ed-tech companies. The report features Education Week’s first-ever Tech Confidence Index, which captures teachers’ attitudes about the promise technology holds for K-12 schools, now and in the future.  Teachers from across the nation give technology a middling score – 49 points out of a possible 100.  But the Index also reveals that most teachers feel more confident about the future of education technology than the present. Technology Counts explores the challenges teachers encounter using technology in the classroom. These barriers include connectivity issues, computer malfunctions, and lack of training. Overwhelmingly, teachers rely on each other when deciding on which tech tools to use in their classrooms. Learn more.

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