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CREDIT MIDAS EducationHere’s one system where you can use one log-in to handle all of your teaching and learning needs. Call it an “EEM” (Education Enterprise Management) solution, MIDAS does not make a district’s disparate systems “talk” together; it replaces them all with one system built on Amazon Web Services. When users create or select an assignment, MIDAS updates the parent portal, the grade book, all class pages, Google Drive, and your master file with one click. An acronym for Massively Integrated Data Analytics System, it is built on a single database, which allows all stakeholders to build their own customizable data dashboards that update in real-time. In addition to managing curriculum and assessment information, MIDAS also facilitates individualized instruction by giving “permissions” to all stakeholders to surround the student with a system of support based on their role and relationship to the student. Parents can set up automated “triggers” to notify them of impending attendance or grade concerns. Administrators can be notified of SPED, behavior, or student achievement issues by student, class, grade level, school, or across the district. Most importantly, the students themselves can take an active role in “owning” their education. MIDAS does all this while automating the reporting and compliance needs so teachers can focus on teaching. Learn more.

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