Cool Tool | Highlight from Education Elements

CREDIT Highlight from Education ElementsIn today’s best blended classrooms, students and teachers use a variety of digital content and tools to improve student outcomes. This presents new challenges to schools: simplifying access for students; making it possible for teachers to review and act on data from all of these tools; managing accounts and passwords for multiple products and knowing which classrooms and schools are using each product. “Highlight” addresses each pain point to help operationalize the blended learning experience. Pain points such as: Simplified Access: Through the Student LaunchPad, students access digital content, tools and web resources, from one place with one single click. One username and password is all they need. Actionable Data Feeds: With Highlight, teachers benefit from automatically recognized patterns in student performance. It monitors and notifies them about how students interact across all of their digital content. This happens through Insights, which tell teachers things like: who has low scores on activities, who is repeating activities, who has not logged in and who has perfect scores. Teachers can take action by creating groups for differentiated or personalized learning and can also create customized playlists for students. Usage and Management: School and district leaders’ lives are made easier through the platform’s ability to automate and manage accounts and passwords across multiple digital products. Leaders have access to reports that display usage, across the digital products used in the district. This helps them to make both PD and purchasing decisions. Learn more.

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