Cool Tool | Mobile-first Education Apps from HLT

CREDIT HLT CorpThere’s long been a disconnect between digital learning and mobile learning. Many educational resources such as quizzes and study guides made early leaps to digital. But truly mobile versions lagged. Now HLT has closed that gap by offering mobile-first education apps for college preparation exams, career certification tests and classroom courses—and that mobile-first approach is paying off. According to their estimates, over 90 percent of graduating nursing and dental students use one of HLT’s apps. HLT also has mobile testing prep products for graduate schools including the daunting MCAT – the medical school aptitude assessment test. For those not quite ready for med school, HLT mobile tools can also help one get into undergrad with preparation and practice guides for key tests such as the ACT or into the military with resources to help students tackle the ASVAB. Soon, HLT will unveil new study series for professional certifications such as real estate licensing based on the popular “For Dummies” series. Putting study resources on mobile phones can turn just about anywhere into a study session, boosting the time and repetition many students need to succeed. Learn more.

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