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CREDIT DubLabsHigher education institutions are struggling to connect with students, and it shows. According to reports from the National Conference of State Legislators, up to 40 percent of freshmen don’t graduate in six years, leading to attrition costs of nearly $16B annually or $9M per institution. As roughly 90 percent of students carry smartphones, schools that excel in engagement and retention efforts understand the value of leveraging mobility. Enter DubLabs, LLC, a leading turnkey mobile app solution provider for higher education institutions. The DubLabs Unified Mobility Platform delivers cost-effective native SIS and LMS integration through a thoughtfully-designed user interface that meets IT department strategy needs and drives student success. The platform’s push notifications provide a personalized mobile experience that is inherently engaging because it anticipates what students need to stay engaged, organized and on top of their schedules, grades, assignments, and activities. Since 2012, these guys have partnered with more than 150 schools around the world to support student success through an authentically mobile experience. Students as well as administrators love the highly customizable app that is exclusively branded for each school, and consistently give it high reviews in the app store. Learn more.

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