Cool Tool | Novi Portable Charging Station by MG

CREDIT MG mm-goi.comThis charging station uses a single charging dock to wirelessly charge removable, portable battery pods. Utilizing MG’s LunaPulse technology, the station can charge up to eight portable battery pods in only 2.5 hours allowing users to ditch the mess and hassle of traditional cords and charging stations, providing portability, convenience and value. The batteries pods charge upon contact with the charging dock, so you’ll never have to worry about forgetting to plug in your device or a loose plug not successfully charging. For back to school, the sleek compact design means it’s easy to use and carry, so students can always have power for their phones and learning devices. With eight pods to each charging station, families with multiple children and teachers equipped with tablets and tech tools won’t have to struggle for outlets and plugs to charge devices. And with eight removable pods each with built in Lightning and Micro-USB charging cables, power is always on hand. The Novi Portable Charging Station starts at $285. Learn more.

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