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CREDIT FlipGridHere is a stimulus-driven video discussion platform used by teachers to promote peer learning and champion student voice in their classroom. Created in 2012 by University of Minnesota Professor Charles Miller, Flipgrid is now used in over 20,000 classrooms around the world. In response to needs voiced by this community of educators, Flipgrid released version 4.0, which provides greater customization capabilities and encourages deeper student engagement. Flipgrid’s version 4.0 includes several improvements:

Deeper discussion – Students can now respond to each other’s videos, creating peer-led discussions within teacher-driven topics, fostering an environment for civil discourse.

Customizable grids – The new Flipgrid empowers teachers to customize the look of their grids to align the student experience with the course context and classroom setting.

Engagement insights – Through simple data visualization, teachers can quickly test and adjust their approaches with students to ensure maximum participation.

Expanded admin capabilities – Teachers can develop, manage and share their grids more effectively, and control the privacy and security of content across topics.

Higher resolution video – The latest version of Flipgrid has doubled the video quality across all supported platforms (desktop, iOS, Android) and maintains the speed educators require in their classrooms. Learn more.

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