Cool Tool | JAMF Software Casper Focus

CREDIT JAMF Software Casper FocusJAMF Software’s Casper Focus is one of the only management solutions built exclusively for Mac, iPad, and iPhone, and designed for classroom applications to enable teacher-managed learning. It offers an enhanced educational experience with the iPad for students, teachers and IT administrators by letting educators perform classroom management tasks directly from their own iOS device, rather than relying on IT. As classrooms continue to adopt the iPad, it is imperative that teachers have the basic classroom management capabilities they need – such as getting students’ attention easily, providing a secure testing environment and quickly transitioning students to specific apps or websites. This system empowers teachers with the ability to streamline transitions and regain valuable instructional time. With just a couple taps on their own iPad or iPhone, teachers can send students customized messages or guide access to a single app or webpage. Being able to perform these tasks without IT assistance lets teachers focus on their bottom line: delivering quality education. JAMF Software helps more than 8,000 organizations – including more than 4,000 schools around the globe – manage 6.2 million devices. Learn more.

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