Cool Tool | SMART kapp iQ

CREDIT SMART kapp iQ ProIn classrooms today, teachers and students naturally gather in groups to learn by sharing ideas. The latest and most advanced member of the SMART kapp family, SMART kapp iQ for education, enhances that collaborative learning process by providing a simple walk-up-and-use experience while seamlessly connecting with smartphones, tablets and laptops. It enables students to learn naturally—working in groups as they pose questions, share ideas and solve problems in real-time—either on the display itself or on any browser-enabled device. This cool tool requires nothing more than a power supply to work in whiteboard mode. There is no need for IT involvement or to connect to a corporate network, meaning it’s less costly to maintain than many front-of-the-room displays. Educators and students simply walk up to the display and immediately share notes and drawings from the display onto connected devices, whether they are in the same room or remote, in an incredible real-time, multi-way, multi-device collaborative experience. Students can contribute to on-screen content directly from their browser-enabled device including, iOS and Android, and have those notes appear on other students’ connected devices and on the large display as well. Learn more.

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