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CREDIT EdcoEdco is an online fundraising platform that has empowered teachers and students from more than 50 K-12 schools across the country to raise money from family, friends and other members of their community. The company was founded in 2014 and is headquartered in New York City. Edco equips schools with tools to increase visibility of student activities and promote their accomplishments. Edco empowers schools to launch online fundraising campaigns and provides a simple way for donors to make tax-deductible contributions. Its flagship feature is a Step-by-Step Fundraising Guide, that walks users through the process to reach new donors and get students and parents involved. It also includes tips on how to augment fundraising efforts with local media coverage, local business sponsorship, and grants. To ensure students’ safety and privacy, all correspondence with potential and current donors is done through the platform using a secure Edco email address. Money raised using Edco is sent directly to the school, through a verified 501c3, or through debit cards that track purchases to ensure that the funds are put toward their intended purpose. Learn more.

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