Cool Tool | Skyscrapers from TinyBop

CREDIT TinyBop SkyscrapersIn Skyscrapers, these behemoths of modern urban life become as tangible and real as the concrete and steel they’re made of. As kids construct and investigate their own buildings, the app reveals the design, science, and lives behind opaque glass and towering heights. In the app, kids can create a skyline of skyscrapers, adding up to 50 floors, and choosing the facades and tops for each building. Kids test their building’s structure against wind, earthquakes, and dinosaurs. Kids also see how people live, work, and play inside, and how water and electricity travel through the building to keep them comfortable and happy. Skyscrapers is the seventh in Tinybop’s Explorer’s Library, a growing series that covers universal, fundamental topics kids learn about in school: from biology in The Human Body to physics in Simple Machines, from geology in The Earth to social studies in Homes. Each app is designed to nurture kids’ natural curiosity and foster lifelong learning habits. Parents are empowered to support their kid’s development with free downloadable handbooks that include interaction hints, tips, background information, discussion questions, and activities. The Skyscrapers Handbook is available in the app’s dashboard and at in eight languages.

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