Cool Tool | Woot Math

CREDIT Woot MathIn the Spring of 2014, with funding from the National Science Foundation (NSF), researchers conducted a multi-site randomized controlled trial that studied several forms of software-based adaptivity and demonstrated that Woot Math’s adaptivity contributed significant effects in learning and retention. In other words, this adaptive learning platform is effective at helping students learn math faster than by traditional means. And when it comes to overused terms like personalized, adaptive learning, Woot Math is the real deal and rightly deserves to call themselves that. It is a personalized progression of lessons designed to build number sense and mastery of fractions and decimals. It adapts the content in real-time to meet individual student’s needs, the content is designed to align with standards, and it understands that teachers know who their struggling students are and what concepts they are struggling with. The dashboard enables the teacher to easily customize a student’s goal, and the software adaptively presents the appropriate content to reach this goal. A lot of teachers are raving about this cool tool for good reason. Learn more.

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