Cool Tool | Voters Ed from Second Avenue Learning

CREDIT second avenue VOTERS EDThis cool tool from Second Avenue Learning empowers students of all ages to understand the presidential election process. For use in a web browser on interactive whiteboards, computers and tablets, Voters Ed provides a platform for students to engage with historical and up-to-date election data without media spin or advertising. The program gives students primers on the Electoral College and presidential primaries. Students are able to explore results and key issues from all past presidential elections. By tracking current primaries and polls, students are able to build their own prediction maps for the election. Prediction maps can be saved for comparison and can be shared with teachers or parents. With the program, educators receive professionally designed lesson and technology integration plans that are tied to curricular standards and grade levels from kindergarten to AP and college-level learning. Voters Ed supports civic learning and discussion in a wide variety of classrooms. The range of data provided by Voters Ed makes it an appropriate resource both during and after the election cycle. Learn more.

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