Cool Tool | IO Insights from IO Education

CREDIT IO Education IO InsightsIO Insights equips educators to turn data into insights and action. The student data solution from IO Education breaks down data silos across the organization, and allows school districts to use all of their data to increase student achievement and improve school performance. With IO Insights, everyone from teachers to superintendents have easy-to-use tools needed to easily analyze student achievement, set goals and track progress, and create personal improvement plans. It provides the right tools to the right people at the right time with role-based dashboards for district and school leaders, customizable goal-based reporting and early warning for school leaders, promotion and graduation tracking for school counselors, and the innovative virtual data wall for teachers to visualize student progress and personalize learning plans. It also eliminated the biggest barriers to using data to improve student achievement by “liberating” data trapped in source systems and providing easy-to-use analysis tools designed for each role. This tool is cool because it helps turn student data into insights and action across an organization. Learn more.

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