Cool Tool | Wonders 2017 from McGraw-Hill

credit-mcgraw-hill-wondersLearning science company McGraw-Hill Education recently launched Wonders 2017, a newly redesigned and expanded suite of English Language Arts (ELA) solutions for the 2016-2017 school year. It offers the latest research-based instruction with new digital tools, as well as new programs focused on English Language Learners (ELLs) and Spanish Language Arts. New features include an innovative Data Dashboard, which makes student data instantly available and actionable for teachers, offering real-time recommendations for grouping students and re-teaching materials. Administrators also can track students’ progress and mastery of skills and standards at the school, class or individual level. The suite includes four targeted programs featuring engaging multimedia resources:

  • Wonders, a core K-6 ELA program
  • Wonders for English Learners, a fully connected English Language Learners (ELL) instructional program
  • Maravillas, a fully equitable Spanish Language Arts program for parallel, dual-immersion instruction
  • WonderWorks, a fully connected intervention support program.

Every feature of the core program is also reflected in Wonders for English Learners, Maravillas and WonderWorks, and the full curriculums for each of the programs run parallel to each other, ensuring all students have equity of access to the same core content and subject-area knowledge. Learn more.

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