Cool Tool | WriteReader

credit-writereaderHere’s a cool tool scientifically designed to teach children grades K-3 to read by helping them write digital books. It motivates and strengthens early literacy skills by fostering creativity, encouraging children to become young authors. The students can create, share and publish their digital books and share them with friends and family. By using WriteReader, students can research a specific topic, i.e., animals. Then, they can write sentences to show their research on the characteristics of that animal. Afterward, they can insert photos or drawings demonstrating that they have understood those characteristics. Students get instant feedback from a teacher or parent. Writing a corrected version below, students are encouraged to write without hesitation, iterate naturally, and thus improve their writing. Teachers can also get inspired with Common Core aligned lesson plans. Free so far, it takes less than a minute to set up a class for teachers. Students log in with a class code shared by the teacher. Perfect for primary schools and home users (K-4), accessible on Chrome books and iPads. Learn more.

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